Housing Assistance

Don't panic! You can benefit from different types of finanical assistance.

Up to €370 of housing assistance (APL) a month.

CAF Bas-Rhin


To help with finding housing and the mobility of young people, there are a number of grants, subsidies and other assistance available. Contact us and we can give you any information or advice you might need, or we can point you in the right direction.

Estimate your housing assistance allowance

Aide Mobilijeune

Need help financing your apprenticeship or professional training?

For more information: https://www.amitel.eu/infos/contact/

A subsidy granted by a CIL (housing programme) to a young person under 30 years old to partially cover rent.



Avance Locapass

Need a zero interest loan for your security deposit?**

We finance your security deposit: l'AVANCE LOCA-PASS®
Looking to rent accommodation?
Entreprises-Habitat Action Logement can help you finance your security deposit.

Garantie Locapass

Need a guarantor?**

We act as your guarantor to cover rent payments and rental charges: the GARANTIE LOCA-PASS®

**For more information visit the website: http://www.actionlogement.fr /